Large driftwood on a pebbled beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Sudbury River

From Sherman Bridge in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Donaldson’s Barn

From behind Bemis Hall in Lincoln Center, Massachusetts. 2002. 22″ x 17″

Library Catalpa

Study of a Northern Catalpa tree located on the grounds of the Lincoln Public Library in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Lake Irwin

Foothills of the Rockies in Colorado. 2005.

Waltham Woods

Conservation land in Waltham, Massachusetts.


Sumacs in the fall in Waltham, Massachusetts. 2001.

North Shore Woods

A granite erratic in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. 1986.

Lincoln Pump House

On Flint’s Pond in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Dogwood Blossoms

Dogwoods in bloom on the Case Estates, a botanical garden in Weston, Massachusetts. 1987.

Roque Bluffs

A summer day on the coast of Maine. 2000.

Dead Pine Trunk

In the woods behind the town well in Lincoln, Massachusetts. 1989.

Machiasport Cottage

A friend’s summer getaway in Maine. 2001.

Balance Rock

Balanced by the last glacial period at the foot of Mt. Wachusett in Princeton, Massachusetts.


A Japanese black pine. 2003.

Uncatena Dock

Uncatena Dock, Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts.

First Bridge

Linking Naushon and Veckatimest, Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts. 1997.

Third Bridge

Linking Nonamesset with Veckatimest, Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts. 1998.


A boat in the Bobolink boatyard on Naushon Island, Massachusetts. 2013. 27″ x 19″

Sea Lump

Sun-dappled boats in the Bobolink boat yard on Naushon, Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts. 2012. 27″ x 19″

The Tramp

At the Bobolink boat yard in Naushon, Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts. 2011. 27″ x 19″

Bobolink Dory

On Naushon, Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts. 2011. 27″ x 19″  

Naushon Island Cedar

Ancient red cedar that fell into the sea the year after being painted. Naushon, Massachusetts. 2000. 19″ x 27″

$100K House

A white cedar shingle cottage purchased, torn down, and replaced in the 1980s in Quidnet, Nantucket Island. 1987.

Brant Point Light

At the entrance to Nantucket Harbor, Nantucket, Massachusetts. 1988.


One of the few year-round homes in Quidnet in the 1980s, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. 1986.

Folger’s Marsh

A tidal marsh behind the Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum in Nantucket, Massachusetts. 1984.


In the Squam woods, Nantucket, Massachusetts. 2013. 27″ x 19″


This hawser, a thick rope for mooring or towing a ship, washed ashore on Quidnet Beach, Nantucket. 1988.

Moss and Trunk

Moss at the base of a swamp maple in the Hidden Forest on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. 1988.